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The Finnish Linda Hedlund joined with elegance and calm, especially when expressing the Andante con dolore of the trio by Khatchaturian and in the lyrical moments of the duo with piano by Ponchielli. 

Levante, Valencia 13.1.2022 José Domenech Part


Evening Dusk Serenade ,  a 5-star review of the album

At hand is a lovely record for a lover of light classical music. Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo, who has previously studied archives, has now presented works for violin and orchestra. Interpreted unspeakably beautifully by Linda Hedlund, they tease the auditory nerves. George de Godzinsky in particular, is the joy of the album. His work Valse Gracieuse and Humoresque, as well as the album’s title track Evening Dusk Serenade, exude intoxicating elegance. Nils-Eric Fougstedt, Harry Bergström and Heino Kaski also deserve a place in the collection.

HS 29.10.2021 Veijo Murtomäki


Important reminder of the  legacy of entertainment music

Evening Dusk serenade is a nice nostalgic breeze from a time when entertainment music was a natural part of the Finnish orchestras’ mission.

“There is certainly nothing wrong with Hedlund’s grip on her instrument either. She plays with speed and motion and, when necessary, tender lyrical feeling and she receives optimal support from the chamber orchestra La Tempesta under the direction of Jyri Nissilä.”

Hbl 27.10.2021 Mats Liljeroos


The violin pieces of the radio entertainment orchestra are worth discovering!

“Nevertheless, it is great that Hedlund is putting the works on the free market for a wider audience when it comes to nothing if not high-quality violin entertainment.

Based on the radio tape comparison, violinist Linda Hedlund glows an order of magnitude cleaner than Wolde Jussila and there is little difference in style – both tint the tradition of art violinism only lightly in the direction of entertainment.

This light part of Finnish music history, mastered by Wolde Jussila and de Godzinsky, deserves not only this recording but also live performances.”

Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle Classic New Recordings 14.10.2021  Kare Eskola 


Rare Italian 17th century masters at the Emäsalo Music Festival

The artistic Emäsalo leader Linda Hedlund has lately been focusing on the mysteries of interpretation on the baroque violin and the outcome was indeed both esthetically and sound wise adequate to say the least.

Östnyland 28.7.2020  Mats Liljeroos


La Violinista Linda Hedlund e la pianista Diana Nocchiero ieri sera in un concerto dedicato ai “Clair de lune”

“The magic of Linda Hedlund´s violin and the grandeur of Diana Nocchiero´s piano with their fresh and enthusiastic interpretation, gave moments of intense palpable emotion and all who were present were struck by such beauty!”

Carmelo Saccone – news in provincia di Ragusa e in Sicilia 17.11.2019


Chamber Music Festival: A great success

“The third concert took place on the scene of the cultural centre Prince Jacques with Les Solistes de Monte Carlo directed by Jean-Louis Dedieu. Brilliant and virtuoso interpretations of Bach’s work (concerto in d minor for violin and oboe) by the violinist Linda Hedlund and the oboist Gordana Nedelskovska.”

Monaco Matin & Nice Matin, Edition Monaco-Menton 29.3.2019  Sony Ith


A female duo and a violin protagonist at the auditorium in Potenza

For the 8th concert of the Ateneo Musica Basilicata of Potenza, at the Auditorium del Capoluogo, a high quality female duo was presented to the public of the city, who as the program progressed, became even more passionate about this duo. This also because of nice and precise presentations by the pianist Diana Nocchiero beside the Finnish violinist Linda Hedlund, who with her instrument showed great mastery and high skills.”

La Pretoria 21.2.2019  Luciano Gentile


Applause for Hedlund and Sacchi – The Bibiena Theatre conquered by tango

A sold-out concert at the Bibiena Theatre last Sunday in the concert season Mantova Musica 2018. Given the success of the event, it can be said that the tango is a winning card, that received full appreciation from the audience this festive afternoon. The success, on this occasion, was the event entitled ”Intimamente Tango” and the brilliant Linda Hedlund, violin and the harpist Floraleda Sacchi. A rather original instrumental combination, but it proved to be balanced, in terms of volume, and functional also in interpretation, proven by the two expert musicians.

La voce di Mantova 8.11.2018


Concert of Linda Hedlund, violin, Finland and Domenico del Giudice, guitar, Italy at the festival “Golden Lira”

“Linda Hedlund’s artistic biography contains brilliant references; the strictly controlled sound of her violin is overwhelming, well-tempered in each piece. These qualities speak of a refined stylistic attitude towards the music she performs.”

Center of Musicology CEM Macedonia 21.10.2017  Vaska Naumovska – Tomova


Linda Hedlund e Domenico del Giudice nell´ultimo straordinario concerto di Mirarte

“…we do not hide the vibrant surprise given by the discovery of the musical universe contained in the violin of Hedlund, capable not only to play in a perfect way, but also – a much more rare feature – to deal with each performance by giving the right thickness to every note, passing from an almost imperceptible sound to an impetuous cascade in just one second, to the point of making us believe that Hector Berlioz had given her the definition of this instrument: “Violins can lend themselves to a crowd of nuances apparently irreconcilable. They have strength, lightness, grace, sad and joyful accent, dream and passion. The violins are loyal, intelligent, active and tireless servants. The violin is the real female voice of the orchestra, passionate voice and caste at the same time, agitated and sweet, weeping and crying and complaining, or singing and praying and dreaming, or exploding in joyous accents, as no one else could do . 

LSD Magazine 20.10.2017  Pasquale Attolico


Emozioni in musica ieri sera per melodica con la violinista Linda Hedlund e il chitarrista Domenico del Giudice

“Linda Hedlund has proved to be an interpreter of great skill and refined musical sensibility, as well as possessing all the technical secrets of her instrument, while playing with care of phrasing.”

Ragusa oggi 24.4.2017


Köstlich Kosmopolitisches

Schubert, Bartók und Piazzolla für Violine und Gitarre
… Man sollte kennen und schätzen lernen, wie diese zwei Musiker stilsicher und mit musikantischer Freude so verschiedene Werke spielen wie Schuberts D-Dur-Violinsonate, Bela Bartóks Rumänische Volkstäntze und Astor Piazzollas hinreissende “Geschichte des Tangos”.

ORF/CD des Tages 16.2.2012 Gustav Danziger


A Foray to Finland – Where Sibelius isn´t the only star composer 

Ms. Hedlund is a mellow artist, not given to rhapsodic flights or folksy flair, but her unsentimental approach was effective in Valse Lente. Her style was also well suited to the icy double-stops in Armas Järnefelt´s moody Berceuse. (1904).

NY Times 22.11.2011 Zachary Wolf


Interpretation rich in nuances

Two lyrical violin sonatas, where the piano even serves as initiator, is not an easy task if you wish to create enough tension during three-quarters of an hour. Linda Hedlund and Risto-Matti Marin succeeded at this task…Hedlund’s handling of the bow was light and secure and the playing of the Testore-violin clean…In the finale of the Brahms sonata in A, Hedlund finally got an opportunity to come out more imposingly introducing the theme. The low register sang in a seductively warm manner.

HS 27.8.2010 Jukka Isopuro


French romantically 

Hedlund’s Stradivarius glows warmly in the low register. Her touch is romantically singing, which is astonishing in Debussy ‘s swiftly moving sonata, but prompt determination can also be found in the fiery allegro by Franck.

HS 18.12.2008 Jukka Isopuro


Violinist Linda Hedlund has on her debut album chosen some of the brightest pearls of the violin sonata literature. The sonatas by Saint-Saëns, Debussy and Franck take the listener firmly to french ground. The works are in their temperamental and imaginative sound world of a high level and also rewarding for the listener.

Linda Hedlund’s Stradivarius-violin sounds in all dark timbres glowing colourfully in the loving embrace of its skillful player. Hedlund’s vibrato is lively elegant and her attitude of playing is confident and determined. Interpretation wise the sonatas get new depth and grandeur in Hedlund’s handling. The collaboration with pianist Oliver Kern is exemplary and on top of all sweet to listen to. A glamorous chamber music recording.

Aksentti (Musiikki äänitteiden erikoislehti/Special magazine for recordings) 7/2008 Jan Mikael Vainio


Energy and go-ahead attitude can be heard in her way of making music. She has a strong handlement of the bow and a secure left hand technique combined with a well developed sense of phrasing. Her sound is beautiful and intonation spotless.

Hbl 1.10.2008 Lena von Bonsdorff