Master Classes

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching has developed from many years of teaching violin and chamber music, as well as lecturing and coaching larger ensembles such as string orchestras.

Experience of Lecturing

I have experience of lecturing, research and administrative department duties at the Sibelius-Academy in Helsinki, where I was working as university assistant during my studies for a doctorate degree in music. I have taught violin students (beginners and advanced professionals) at music conservatories in southern Finland and in a private studio in Helsinki (providing also online violin lessons) in Finland since many years. I also held violin master classes at a.o. University of Hawaii department of music, in Bangkok, Thailand and at Cervo Master Classes in Italy. In addition to this, I have coached chamber music as well as orchestra playing.

Teaching Strategy and Method

In my teaching I aim to promote a positive learning environment and nurture the student´s natural talents and abilities. My strategy is to set individual goals for each student or group, and provide a foundation of knowledge through the process. Understanding both the learning style of individual learners and the diversity of a group/ensemble helps me design effective instruction.

The most important aspects of my teaching method for violinists are building technique, and applying technique musically in the repertoire, respecting also historical performance practice. In choosing the repertoire for the student, I prefer works with musical material that implement the technique studies according to the student´s level of playing and also choose works that challenge and encourage enthusiasm for performance in the student.

My belief is that learning practicing skills from an early age are very important. Focused and concentrated practicing methods have improved my students´ skills more efficiently than several hours spent in the practice room without critical thinking and structure.

Training together

Ensemble and orchestra playing is essential for every musician. The experience to play and perform together can be an enlightening one, and develop the musician on many levels. The process of creating music together can also promote learning abilities and passion for music. I believe it is important for a teacher to help a student master all genres of performance, solo- as well as ensemble- and orchestra literature.

Master Classes

Violin class

Spontaneity in Time – French Belgian Violin School during the beginning of 20th century, as documented on historical recordings, 2008

Elegant virtuosity – French Belgian Violin School, tradition and method, 2010

Master Class, University of Hawaii at Manoa 2012, Visiting lecturer 2011-2012

Master Class Bangkok, Thailand 2012

Orchestra coaching, Londrina, Brazil 2013

Master Class, Cervo, Italy 2015

Master Class and member of Jury, Singapore International Music Competition 2022 – 2023

Member of jury Rospigliosi international chamber music competition, Tuscany 2024